Hello Everyone,

I'm Kanesha Cole the CEO of Core Waist Band I started my weight loss journey back in 2017 when i realized my weight would constantly fluctuate from 165/188 lbs. It was very challenging for me and I could not keep the weight off. So i agreed with myself that It's time to change my lifestyle it's time to change my bad eating habits it's time to stay consistent with my workouts.

In early 2019 I started testing designing a product that would help with my weight loss struggles. But not only for me but for a diversity cultural for women and males. Of any shape or size the Core Waist Band Waist Trainer line was launched in 2023. I started with the Core Waist Band Waist Trainer which is designed to target your midsection, lower pooch, oblique, back. and lower back. Giving women the sexy hour glass shape we are looking for.

I have worked hard I've created a High quality product that is proven to give you the the results. That you're looking for so if your ready Core Waist Band is here to maximize your fitness and give you the slim waist you want.

Fitness have always been my passion and I want it to be yours too!

Core Waist Band has the solution to make it happen for you! Start today.